The lounge bar: young and modern on the inside, fresh and bright on the outside. Perfect for an happy hour or an event under the stars.

The lounge bar is the perfect place to meet up with colleagues and customers for breakfast, appetizers and a bit of relaxing time.

An astonishing inside lounge area with delicate and natural furniture shades and a pleasant atmosphere, where nothing is left to chance.


A mixture of style and design on the outside as well

Corso Como 52 Lounge Bar is the perfect place either to enjoy a tasty happy hour or to spend a worldly soirée to the tune of an elegant dj-set.


The close and cozy charm of the club becomes a trendy opportunity for absolutely stylish events.

The lounge bar is the perfect place for happy hours with friends in front of a cocktail after work, for relaxing after dinner moments or during the week-end for a trendy birthday parties or for every unforgettable events! 

Corso Como 52 Lounge Bar for a pleasurable escape.